SILKI ADSL, is a Computer Data Networks (CDN) operated ISP service. CDN is an Iraqi Communications Company that already provides ISP Services over a Wireless Network is pleased to announce that the service will be launched soon. Under the contract with Iraq Ministry of Communications, State Company for Internet Services (SCIS) and Iraq Telecommunications and Post Company (ITPC), SILKI will provide Residential and Corporate Internet & Communications services over our advanced ADSL Infrastructure.

Initial service launch will cover the city of Basrah, which will be followed by Amarah and Nasriya and will eventually cover all cities in these three provinces.

SILKI will offer a complete range of attractively priced services reaching previously unheard of download speeds and low delay to enable the latest Internet-based communication services in Southern Iraq.

SILKI is a sister service to our existing Lasilki wireless service which has been providing Internet services in Basrah Governorate for the past four years.